Our Mission:

Create durable artisan products, made by great hands, with high-quality sustainable materials, that delight and excite children and adults, inspiring them to celebrate their life with wonderful stories full of details of love, friendship and respect for nature.


Our Values:

HANDMADE: We value tradition and honor it by giving special, one-of-a-kind gifts to those we cherish.
TRADITIONAL: Knitting is a centuries-old custom that has been passed down from generation to generation in rural Peru, where our knitted toys are handcrafted by artisans.
SUSTAINABLE: As a small business, we are dedicated to fair trade that protects the welfare of our people as well as the environment from the moment of harvest to the completion of each product.
INCLUSIVE: We contribute to Andean weavers by helping them earn money between harvests or while caring for their children at home. This craft is not only an art form in the Andes, but it also helps to preserve native culture.
NATURAL: We use Peruvian cotton yarn that is harvested by hand, which is more eco-friendly and results in stronger, healthier cotton. Peruvian cotton has a lovely white color that dyes beautifully.
I am Anita, the woman behind Utku Kids. My motherhood and Peruvian roots were the perfect inspiration to create Utku, which in the native language of our Incas means "cotton".
While in love with Peruvian textile traditions, and with love for our communities, I decided to take on the challenge of creating and bringing you all quality products made by great Peruvian hands. In memory of my mother who was born in Cusco, each doll we create has a name in Quechua.
We celebrate the dedication in our details for people
that we love and care about.
We come from an ancient origin, which is transmitted from generation to generation and we share with you wonderful stories. Us
proud to be a sustainable and natural brand that respects life
in all its forms. We want to grow with you and celebrate it by being
authentic, surrounded by friendship, love and nature. With each
creation, we are committed to providing you with a unique and
responsible, in harmony with the environment and in connection with
your deepest values. Together, we will build special moments
and lasting, honoring life and strengthening our bonds
emotional with the people we love and care about.
" Your life deserves wonderful stories "