Peruvian Pima Cotton


Peruvian Pima Cotton is known for its naturally soft state, making it one of the most comfortable materials for your baby’s toys and clothing.


Because of its long length, ideal growing conditions, and harvesting by hand, Peruvian Pima Cotton is one of the most durable forms of cotton on the market.

Lasting Color 

Peruvian Pima Cotton naturally provides an absorbent cotton, which can be dyed in any color desired, being fit to be woven into one of the most beautiful types of textiles. It also comes in a variety of natural and beautiful colors that do not require dyes.


Straight From The Rich Soils Of Peru


Peruvian Pima Cotton is produced around the beautiful coastal valleys of northern Peru, benefiting from its equatorial temperatures and rich soil. Pima Cotton is harvested by hand, which is more eco-friendly and creates for stronger, healthier cotton. And because it’s carefully hand picked, Pima Cotton displays a beautiful white shade and soft touch feel.

Comfort For Your Child From Head To Toe

Peruvian Pima Cotton is ideal for your child’s clothing because it’s natural and free from unsafe chemicals and lead. Pima Cotton is also one of the softest cottons on the market, causing your child to always be comfortable and snug.

Color Your World With Cotton
Peruvian Pima Cotton is carefully hand harvested, helping to preserve its natural, white cotton color. Then, our Pima Cotton is naturally dyed to provide a vibrant luster of colors.